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Is an information Security, CyberSecurity and Developement Company.

We are the first Company in Windsor in the field of Information Security and Cybersecurity in terms of the nature of specializations, who are serving the community with the best practices in system protection. Our core values are:

Organization & Qualification

Skilled and organized Team with strong infrastructure tools.

Doing the Best

We are not working to count time — we are working for quality.


We deliver the PoC (Proof of Concept) on each and every project.


Organized and well protected infrastructure through encrypting all your major sharing and communication data.

Our Mission

Our mission is your satisfaction and convenience.

Our Plan

Doing the right things and getting better is our plan.

Our Vision

Our vision is to grow our reputation by providing quality services so that DigitalSecurity1 becomes a household name in Canada.

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Don't hesitate to contact us by phone or e-mail.

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Security and developement

We do Security as well as Information Systems Development.


We use different known Methodologies and Techniques in the job market. However, we are in the process always about developing our way to get reach the requirements.


Executing the best quality of work in short time is our goal.

Audit & Research

Being accurate and eliminating the maximum of errors is one of our mission. Research makes us feel progress and that we are doing something special and useful.


Informing the client of the stages and moves we are taking towards his projects and working to interact with every suggestion or criticism. Deliver a clear and conclusive report

On Time

Delivery of achieved projects at the time agreed upon between the customer and the company.



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